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Fleurs de CBD indoor, outdoor ou greenhouse quelle différence

Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse CBD flowers: what are the differences?

The currently known methods of growing CBD flower are the indoor, outdoor and greenhouse processes. Many consumers of CBD flower often tend to confuse these three growing methods. However, they are very different. These distinctions are based on the technique and its advantages and disadvantages. What makes the particularities of the indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultures?

What is outdoor cultivation

The outdoor process dates back centuries, as this is the first mode that was employed to do the cultivation of CBD flowers. This procedure is actually growing the CBD flowers outdoors. Thanks to the outdoor cultivation, the flowers benefit from all the virtues of the natural environment. When the flowers are indeed planted outdoors, they are watered by rainwater, draw their nutrients from the soil and benefit from the brightness of sunlight.

They are also aerated by the wind. All these natural factors allow the flowers to grow normally. This offers the advantage to the growers to get good yields. In addition, outdoor growing is an inexpensive method. With this process, there is no great expense to be made to equip itself in manpower nor in equipment of culture. This feature also allows consumers to get the CBD flowers at a reduced cost.

Other than that, it must be said that with outdoor growing, the flowers obtained have authentic, raw and pronounced flavors. Notwithstanding all its advantages, outdoor cultivation has some weak points. With this last one, the growth of the plants is indeed long. This one can reach 6 months. What forces the cultivators to make the harvest only once a year. The climatic conditions are not constantly favorable. There are risks of great drought or heavy rains which can destroy the cultures. Besides that, the flowers are of average quality, because they are not very perfect and very small. 

What are the specifics of indoor growing?

The indoor process is the newest method of growing cannabidiol flowers. This method of cultivation is discreet, as it involves growing CBD plants indoors. Most often, this type of plantation is set up in large sheds. The indoor culture is actually the one that many producers prefer, because it allows to have flowers of CBD of perfect quality. This advantage comes from the fact that indoor growing grants growers the ability to be able to control all the factors that affect the growth of the flowers.

These include CO2 levels, amount of water, light and nutrients. With this ability, growers can act on any factors they choose to stimulate rapid flower growth. This allows them to obtain a good yield, but also to make several harvests per year. In addition, the fact that the plants are grown indoors protects them from insect pests and weather damage such as storms or floods.

Although indoor cultivation favors of obtaining quality flowers, it has its drawbacks. Indeed, this method of cultivation is expensive, because financially demanding on several levels. It is necessary to invest in manpower and equipment to ensure the good maintenance of the plants. In addition, you have to spend a lot of money on electricity in order to provide light to the flowers. This is a point that makes this method of cultivation not very ecological. This high cost of production also forces the producers to offer their CBD flowers at a high price.

Greenhouse cultivation

Also known as greenhouse cultivation, greenhouse cultivation is halfway between indoor and outdoor cultivation methods. It is therefore a hybrid cultivation process that borrows techniques and then benefits from the advantages and disadvantages of the other two production methods.

With so the greenhouse culture, the plants of CBD are cultivated in a natural environment. They are put in the ground, grown with rainwater, aerated by the wind and lit by daylight. When conditions are no longer favorable for the proper growth of CBD flowers, growers resort to indoor growing techniques.

When night falls, for example, lamps are used to light the plants. Similarly, in case of epidemics or bad weather conditions such as strong winds, the plantations are protected. What allows to have average returns. On the other hand, the consumer will have to spend a little more than what is required for outdoor cultivation. Nevertheless, he will benefit from flowers of average quality.

What type of cultivation should you choose for your CBD flower?

No one growing method is better than the other among indoor, outdoor and greenhouse production methods. Rather, the choice will be made according to your financial power and the quality of the flower. Thus, if you are in the search of flowers of CBD of high quality, privilege the indoor culture. With this process, the budget will be high. If you prefer to spend little, choose outdoor cultivation. With this option, the quality of CBD flowers is very low. On the other hand, with the greenhouse cultivation, it is the value for money.

Indoor and outdoor growing: how to identify the method of growing a CBD flower?

There are several criteria that can be used to visually identify how a CBD flower is grown. When grown outdoors, it has a light brown colored stem and then slightly dark and large buds. CBD flowers grown outdoors also have.

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