CBD oil for dogs 4% - Broad Spectrum (Chanvreo)

Chanvreo - CBD Oil for Dogs 4% - Broad Spectrum : Natural support for your dog's well-being

Is your dog showing signs of anxiety or suffering from physical pain? Discover Chanvreo's 4% CBD oil for dogs, specially designed for our faithful companions.

CBD oil for dogs 4% - Broad Spectrum (Chanvreo)

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CBD oil for dogs 4%: what you need to know

Made in France, Chanvreo CBD oil is broad spectrum (broad sprectrum). This means that it contains several molecules from the hemp plant with benefits for the body (CBD, CBG,CBN, CBD, but also terpenes and flavonoids...), but does not contain THC, the molecule with psychoactive effects. As dogs are closely related to humans, they too can suffer the harmful effects of stress on their bodies. This 4% CBD oil is ideal for gently introducing your pet to the benefits of this product. Of course, CBD oil 4% for dogs does not cause any risk of addiction in the animal, nor any undesirable side effects.

Discover all the benefits of CBD oil for dogs 4% by Chanvreo

The dog also has an endocannabinoid system, with which CBD molecules interact. This makes him receptive to the many benefits that cannabidiol can bring. These benefits include stress and anxiety reduction. You can therefore give your dog a little CBD oil occasionally, or regularly depending on the situation (moving house, visitors to the house, separation for several hours, surgery, etc.). Chanvreo's 4% CBD oil improves your dog's emotional balance. Cannabidiol also offers physical benefits to your companion: prevention of osteoarthritis by helping to maintain bone health, reduction of inflammation, digestive pain and urinary problems, reduction of various body pains, and improvement of sleep in general.

Tips for administering CBD oil to your dog

Most dogs accept a few drops of CBD oil directly into their mouths quite easily. The pipette format of Chanvreo oil makes the operation even easier. If your pet is recalcitrant, there are other tricks. You can simply pour a few drops into his food, whether kibble or mash. You can even put a drop on a small piece of cheese and give it to him, so that he assimilates the smell of CBD as a reward. Always start with a low dose, observe the effects, then gradually increase the dosage. We recommend starting with one drop, then two, and so on. Never exceed the maximum recommended dose.

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