CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% - 10ml (Nerobi)

Nerobi - CBD Oil for Small Pets 3% - 10ml : Natural support for the well-being of your small pets

Cannabidiol is a molecule in the hemp plant that provides us with numerous benefits. But did you know that our little pets can benefit too? So don't wait any longer and improve their daily lives with CBD and its many benefits.

CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% - 10ml (Nerobi)

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Discover Nerobi's 3% CBD oil for small animals

3% CBD oil for small animals is 100% natural and contains no pesticides or THC. It's made in France, and its clean composition guarantees premium quality for the well-being of your pets. Nerobi's CBD 3% oil for small animals is suitable for NACs, such as rabbits, rodents and similar-sized animals. You can even give it to your cat.

The benefits of CBD oil on small animals

By administering Nerobi CBD oil to your small pets, you'll be able to offer them a more comfortable lifestyle. Indeed, small mammals are easily stressed by their environment and by the activity that can take place in a home. The most popular benefit of CBD oil on small animals is therefore the reduction in their stress and anxiety levels, thus limiting the illnesses that can result. What's more, cannabidiol improves sleep quality, making pets feel better in body and mind. At the bodily level, CBD reduces inflammation and pain, whether temporary or chronic. If your pet is prone to epilepsy, CBD consumption can, in some cases, improve the situation. Finally, CBD can relieve urinary problems or those linked to difficult digestion. Of course, if in doubt, don't hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

How to administer CBD oil for small animals

This CBD oil is sold in a 10ml format in a pipette bottle that's very practical for administering to your pet. Determine the dosage according to your pet's weight. Each drop contains approximately 1.75mg of CBD. Do the following calculation: weight of your pet multiplied by 0.75. This gives the daily dose in mg. Divide this number by 1.75 to find the number of drops to administer. Our advice: start with a small dose to observe the effects of CBD on your small pet. Increase the dose slightly if necessary, without ever exceeding the maximum recommended dose.

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