CBD Oil 3% - Cat and small pet (Chanvreo)

Chanvreo - CBD Oil 3% for Cats and Small Pets: Natural support for their well-being

Is your cat or small pet suffering from various ailments or anxiety? Then try to relieve it naturally and quickly with the CBD oil offered by Chanvreo.

CBD Oil 3% - Cat and small pet (Chanvreo)

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All you need to know about Chanvreo's 3% CBD oil for cats and small pets

This CBD oil from Chanvreo is dosed at 3% and has been specially designed for cats and small pets. It offers numerous virtues for your pet's well-being: Reduced stress and anxiety, Decreased chronic pain, Improved digestive quality, Anti-inflammatory properties, Analgesic effects, Improved bone function, Improved sleep quality for a well-adjusted pet, Etc. CBD oil is also said to have positive effects on animals suffering from epilepsy.

Why choose CBD oil for cats and small pets from Chanvreo ?

Like us, cats and small pets have an endocannabinoid system, with which ingested CBD molecules interact. As a result, your pet is receptive to the many benefits of cannabidiol. You might as well take advantage of it to relieve pain and stress! It has no psychotropic effects and no risk of addiction. CBD 3% Chanvreo oil can therefore help improve your pet's daily life and quality of life.

Tips for consuming Chanvreo CBD oil

Administering CBD oil to your cat requires a bit of technique or trickery. It is indeed possible to pour a few drops directly into his mouth, but few cats docilely allow themselves to do so. This oil comes in a pipette bottle to help you in your task. You can also pour a few drops on his food, reducing the number of kibbles to make sure the molecule is properly ingested. You can use the same technique in a small bowl of water, adding a touch of fat to make it easier for his body to assimilate the molecule. Observe how your cat reacts, as some animals sense the difference in smell and refuse to drink the water. Finally, you can try pouring a drop under your cat's paw so that he licks it when he grooms himself. However, this method won't allow him to absorb the entire dose.

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