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CBD and sport, a performance and recovery asset, legal

Possessing incredible therapeutic properties, cannabis has become a trend embraced by several people from different sectors today. Among these are sportsmen and women. Is it legal for a professional athlete to consume CBD? What are the benefits of CBD products for athletes?

Is it permissible for the professional athlete to use CBD? 

After several discussions, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has made the decision since early 2018 to remove CBD from the doping list. However, consuming THC with CBD is strictly prohibited. At this level, special attention must be paid to the level of THC legally allowed. Because when this rate exceeds 0.3%, the World Anti-Doping Agency will consider this consumption as doping. In plain language, the World Anti-Doping Agency's recommended level was set at 15 nanograms per milliliter. Today, the new heads of the agency have seen fit to estimate the THC level at 150 nanograms. This is obviously a decision that allows professional athletes to benefit from the product virtues of cannabidiol with entourage effect. 

Fast muscle recovery

After a long physical preparation, it is well and truly necessary for an athlete to recover as quickly as possible the normal state of his muscles. Because during these periods of intense exercise, there are only muscles that are particularly stressed. A recovery (of these muscles) worthy of the name will allow them to regenerate. To have a fast muscular regeneration, the anti-inflammatory and myorelaxant properties are the best solution. These will avoid you to the maximum the pains and the contractures. Indeed, the CBD participates enormously in the considerable reduction of the time of recovery of the muscles without having any side effect, contrary to other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Similarly, it is responsible for preventing the appearance of aches and cramps. Because it has impeccable muscle relaxation properties. Even in case of injury, cannabidiol brings a crucial and additional help to accelerate the healing of the muscular tissues. At the same time, it relieves chronic muscle pain. 

If you are an athlete and you are looking for a natural alternative for your muscles, then cannabidiol containing balm and CBD oil are the best solutions there is in this field. You just need to integrate it into a sports routine to feel the positive effects of these products. For fast and very effective relief, you have the option of consuming your CBD oil legally and sublingually. 

A product suitable for athletes

As you can see, combining sports and CBD is considered a winning bet. Although the products designed with CBD come in various forms, it must be remembered that these are obviously the products that are generally much more difficult to carry around with you. In the perspective of facilitating the transport of the products of the CBD, a laboratory established in Los Angeles revolutionized the world of the cannabis. They have developed CBD beads. Although the development of its pearls took two years of scientific research, the manufacturing process respects impeccably and strictly the standard norms of the pharmaceutical precision. With this true gem of innovation, the lab has won the title of best product in 2020. 

The extracts used to design its pearls are naturally derived from organically grown plants. In the manufacturing process, no chemical solvents (such as THC, sugar, GMOs and others) are present. On the contrary, this product contains terpenes and several other cannabinoids like CBG. All this has been done in order to promote the maximum effect of surrounding. This product is known as the CBD/CBG Sport beads". 

Improved fight against inflammation and soreness

Exposing the body to tough athletic events throughout a season makes it imperative for top athletes to opt for impeccable muscle recovery. To achieve this, many of them turn to molecules such as anti-inflammatories or ibuprofen. However, the vast majority do not find the full satisfaction of these molecules. With the advent of CBD, the satisfaction remains total. Because CBD products have no long-term side effects and are all natural, unlike painkillers or even artificial anti-inflammatory drugs that afterwards can cause damage in the digestive tract or even at the level of the kidney. 

In fact, CBD also improves the sleep cycle. This is obviously an essential point for all sportsmen, whether amateur or professional. Because it is the essential way to achieve the best performance that is. For example, the tennis player Roger Federer has admitted that he always sleeps 11 to 12 hours a night to allow his muscles to recover properly. Today's top athletes are using the anti-inflammatory properties contained in CBD to ensure effective recovery of their muscles. Because the vast majority of CBD products significantly reduce inflammation in a very targeted way while acting on several mechanisms. 

After a long exercise session, a high-level athlete must imperatively relax his muscles. At this level, CBD always intervenes thanks to its muscle relaxant effects. That is to say that it facilitates an impeccable relaxation of the muscles, in order to avoid any problem of cramp and soreness that may occur. This is the reason why CBD is considered a worthy ally, as the latter impeccably relaxes the muscles, prevents and relieves chronic strain. 

Where can you buy CBD products?

Today, many sales stores located in almost all regions of France have opted to sell CBD products. To acquire some, you just need to go to one of these stores and proceed with the purchase. Apart from the physical outlets, there are several websites specifically designed to sell CBD products. You can also refer to them to buy some. 

What is the most consumed CBD product in France by athletes? 

First, it should be noted that several products are derived from cannabis. However, the product most consumed by sportsmen is CBD oil. 

The entire website should be considered as information. We remind you that before consuming cannabidiol products you should consult your doctor to obtain his approval in your specific case.
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