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How to store CBD flower efficiently?

The CBD flower is specifically derived from the cannabis plant Sativa L. This plant is known in most cases as hemp. Generally confused with the THC cannabis flower, the CBD flower does not have the same psychotropic level unlike the THC cannabis. What amounts to say that this last one does not make high. It just brings soothing virtues to relieve the various diseases. How to make to preserve to the maximum and the longest possible the flower of the CBD?

What are the environmental factors that can deteriorate CBD flowers?

As soon as it is harvested, the plant automatically starts a process of degradation and chemical transformation: this is called senescence. This stage of development can only occur after maturation. Although it is inevitable, this process becomes a little faster according to the environmental conditions. This can be humidity, temperature, oxygen and many others. This is exactly the case with CBD flowers. That's why you need to be very careful about the different degradation factors.

The temperature

The temperature is a very important element on two reasons. Regarding the first one, you should know that when the temperature is high (a heat between 25 and 30⁰ C), it makes it very easy for mold to appear. The second reason lies in the fact that the temperature accelerates the heating process of the CBD flowers and will subsequently cause them to dry out. At this level, the cannabinoid contained in your flowers oxidizes and is transformed. Similarly, the terpenes that are particularly sensitive to heat evaporate sharply.


Humidity is a factor just like temperature that can promote the occurrence of mold on CBD flowers. Even worse, the latter also promotes the occurrence of mildew. The ideal humidity for the conservation of the flowers of the CBD is notably situated between 59 % and 63 %. When the humidity level is below 59%, it will considerably reduce the risk of mildew, but on the other hand this phenomenon could guarantee an acceleration of the drying of the buds. It is not easy to guarantee a perfect humidity level. However, there are some accessories on the market to optimize this environmental factor.

The air

The bud decomposition process could experience an acceleration thanks to too much oxygen in the air. This could well cause the degeneration of the active and aromatic principles of CBD flowers. Moreover, the air also has a considerable impact on the coloration of the flower. Specifically the latter will tend to turn brown.

How is the optimal conservation of CBD flowers carried out?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the different molecules of CBD (such as cannabinoid and terpenes) are very sensitive to a few environmental factors. So what is the best method to preserve CBD flowers so that it can stay fresh as long as possible?

Generally, at the time of purchase, the flowers come in plastic pouches. This material allows the CBD flowers to be stored for the short term. They are absolutely not suitable for storage. Because the plastic pouches let pass the light, and the heat. In addition to that, they promote a stagnation of moisture generating static electricity. This electricity generates a fragmentation of the CBD flower. It is obviously what explains in general the deposit always sticking all around the flower. Similarly, some plastics also impact the taste and smell of the product.

In light of all this information, it is highly recommended to choose a glass jar that will be sealed with a rubber seal to keep your CBD flower. However, as far as the ideal storage temperature is concerned this comes down to each of these glass jars. Generally, the temperature is between 10⁰ C and 24⁰ C.

Should CBD flowers be stored in the freezer?

Storing CBD flowers in the refrigerator is strongly discouraged. Because the latter does not have enough humidity and adequate temperature to ensure proper preservation. Regarding freezing, it can be unpleasant when there are temperature variations following the opening of the door. These can indeed lead to the development of bacteria. Also, the trichomes that are transformed into ice cubes become very fragile. You must therefore be very careful. However, some people recommend vacuum packing in particular. However, you have to be very careful with the handling when you take them out. Well before using them, it is highly recommended to quietly let the flowers thaw themselves without touching them.

In addition, the size of the storage container should also be a determining factor. Because the amount of oxygen should be minimized as much as possible. The filling of your skin should be done at least ¾ of it without crowding the flowers.

A slow process to alter the flowers

First, it should be noted that flower spoilage does not occur as quickly as one might think. In fact, it is a very slow process. If you manage to keep your CBD flowers impeccably, then you can well and truly maintain it for at least a year. Through some signs, you will be able to know if your product is altered or not. These may include:

  • The presence of an odor reminiscent of mold
  • The absence of crystals
  • The buds are too dry and turn to powder
  • The lack of flavor.

What is the significance of the CBD flower?

The CBD flower is of paramount importance to many consumers. These could benefit from the beneficial effects of CBD such as these therapeutic properties.

Is it legal to consume CBD flower in France?

In contrast to marijuana, CBD flowers are indeed legal in France. Consumers can refer to it in order to benefit from its therapeutic properties such as anti-inflammatories.

The entire website should be considered as information. We remind you that before consuming cannabidiol products you should consult your doctor to obtain his approval in your specific case.
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