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The anti-oxidant properties of CBD

CBD is a very powerful cannabinoid that is no longer presented, as it has many beneficial properties for health. It could even be able to represent an effective solution against free radicals and the numerous damages they cause in the body.

Indeed, CBD has anti-oxidant properties that can be beneficial to our well-being. It can prevent oxidative damage to the body in general, and can also be used as a treatment for oxidative neurological disorders.

Faced with the many problems caused by free radicals, it becomes important to find effective antioxidants to eliminate them. To find out how CBD can help you with this, we invite you to simply read on.

CBD as an antioxidant and neuroprotector

Among the many scientific studies done about CBD and its properties, many show that it is actually a very powerful antioxidant. It triggers the cannabinoid receptors in the body, and that is how it protects it from the effects of free radicals. It is able to prevent the various oxidative damages that can be created by these free radicals. Studies also show that it could prove to be more effective than the antioxidants usually used, as it does not expose to unwanted side effects.

There is a good chance that within a few years, CBD will be used as a treatment for oxidative neurological disorders such as cerebral ischemia. It can also calm brain-related inflammatory responses, which is why it is also considered a potent neuroprotectant. Therefore, there is no doubt that you can fill up on antioxidants by consuming CBD products regularly. 

As of now, studies regarding CBD and its antioxidant properties are still in the pre-clinical stage. For this reason, professionals cannot yet officially consider it as a medical remedy for the effects of oxidative stress. Nevertheless, you can rely on the testimonials of CBD users to realize its real effectiveness. You can use it in preventive or curative mode, to protect your body against premature aging and various diseases caused by free radicals. So it is up to you to seek professional advice on how to implement this treatment.

Why antioxidants are essential for health

Antioxidants are necessary, even essential for health, because they come to stabilize the free radicals that are found in our body. Indeed, when these are found in too large a quantity, it causes the oxidation of cells as well as several diseases sometimes very serious. These free radicals can also accelerate the aging process of cells, and this is most often noticed on the appearance of the skin. They act a bit like rust on metal, or like the ambient air that turns a freshly cut apple brown. 

The role of antioxidants at this level, is to successfully protect the cells, much like a special paint might protect metal from rust. This is how the cannabinoids in CBD act on the cells to protect them against the phenomenon of oxidation. Therefore, they protect you from diseases such as:

  • Hypertension or atherosclerosis (blood related)

  • Chronic fatigue, premature aging, fibromyalgia, diabetes (related to different organs)

  • Asthma, cancer, allergy problems (related to the lungs)

  • Renal failure, nephritis (kidney-related)

  • Macular or retinal degeneration (related to the eyes)

  • Skin aging, melanoma, psoriasis (skin-related)

  • Autoimmune reactions, lupus, inflammation (immune system related)

  • Rheumatoid or classical arthritis (related to joints)

  • Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, embolism, autism (brain-related)

  • Cardiovascular disease (heart-related).

So, as you can see, without antioxidants, it is all the organs in the body that are exposed to various problems and dysfunctions. These molecules come to provide electrons to the free radicals, to prevent them from stealing those of the healthy cells. This is how they restore balance and allow you to maintain your health.

What do you need to know about free radicals?

Very often we hear about antioxidants and their positive effects on the proper functioning of the body. What we sometimes forget to mention is that, first and foremost, they help fight free radicals. These free radicals cause all sorts of damage to the body, and can thus harm our health and well-being. To limit their action and prevent the phenomenon of oxidation of cells, the body itself produces antioxidants. It is therefore to complement their action that it is advisable to consume products and substances with antioxidant properties such as CBD.

It is important to know that, in reality, the free radicals that we are trying so hard to fight are created thanks to the oxygen that we breathe. Once created, they come to monopolize the electrons of other proteins in the body. This destabilizes the cells directly concerned, and these will destabilize other cells with which they are directly in contact. This creates a chain reaction that causes a lot of damage to the body. This can even affect the DNA of the person involved and damage it.

On the other hand, it is important to note that basically, free radicals are not necessarily bad for the body, at least not as long as they are in moderate amounts. In fact, their role is to destroy defective cells in the body, to promote the creation of new cells. This phenomenon is called oxidative stress. This only becomes problematic when the amount of free radicals becomes too great.

In this case, they no longer just destroy the defective cells, but they also attack all the other cells in our body. This is why CBD consumption is important, as it reduces the amount of free radicals in the body, so that they can limit their impact on healthy cells.

As you have seen, CBD is considered an excellent antioxidant. It has many beneficial properties for the proper functioning of the body and the regeneration of the body's cells. It helps to fight against oxidative stress, when it becomes harmful to human health and well-being. Therefore, you can find out right now from a professional how much to use CBD to benefit from its antioxidant properties.

How to reduce oxidative stress and its negative effects with CBD.

To avoid the damage caused by oxidative stress on the body, all you need to do is to adopt a CBD-based treatment. You will have the choice between CBD oil, CBD cream (to protect the skin from free radicals), CBD candy, etc.

What dose of CBD against oxidative stress?

To combat the negative effects of oxidative stress, you need to choose the right dosage of CBD to use according to your metabolism. To do this, start with a low dose, a few drops a day, and increase over time to find the perfect dosage for you.

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