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Is the CBD responsible for the red-eye ?

In recent years, many discoveries have been made in the field of medicine. Studies and research have analyzed several compounds and discovered the positive effects they can have on the body. Thus CBD, long considered the same as THC, has proven to be an effective remedy against several diseases. However, despite its qualities, some people tend to think that it is responsible for negative reactions such as red eyes.

Well, no, no, CBD is not responsible for the red colour of the eyes. This reaction can occur after cannabis use, and THC is responsible. For this reason, if you consume CBD with high THC content, you may experience the same side effect.

If like many people, you have always thought that CBD and THC have the same consequences on the body, then it's time to fix it. We invite you to read on to learn a little more about the subject, and more specifically, about the phenomenon of red eyes, which is a reaction sometimes associated with cannabis.

Can CBD cause redness of the eyes?

The first thing you need to know here is that CBD can't cause red eyes in a consumer. It is a compound that is not psychoactive, which means it cannot harm your health. In addition, although CBD may have side effects on some people, red eyes are not part of it. What causes this reaction, however, is THC, the second compound found in hemp. This is why when you use cannabis or the THC-containing hemp plant; you are likely to have bloodshot eyes.

For some users, it is simply an allergic reaction to cannabis. This means that this reaction is your body's response to the psychoactive compound you have consumed. You should know that in cannabis, there are several psychoactive compounds, but CBD is not one of them. It is more like THC or anandamide. The latter is actually a fatty acid, which has the same effects as THC. So if you're used to smoking hemp with all these psychoactive compounds, you're likely to see your eyes change colour and turn red.

The worst part is when grass sellers choose to produce plants with a very low dose of CBD deliberately. It should be noted that CBD can actually act as an inhibitor on the effects of THC. Its presence in hemp thus reduces the effects of this drug in some way. Therefore, using herbs completely devoid of CBD is the best solution to suffer all the harmful effects. The advantage for dealers is that with such a composition, they can sell their product more expensively. On the other hand, for the consumer, it is a real danger.

Why do the eyes turn red when you consume CBD ?

If after consuming CBD you have red eyes, it means that you have been scammed. Indeed, sellers of CBD-based products sometimes lie about the real composition of what they offer you. Thus, instead of a 0.2% THC level as required by law, some CBD-based balms, oils or sweets have a high level of psychoactive compounds. Under these conditions, you are exposed to the same inconveniences as hemp smokers. This is why sometimes the eyes can turn red, whereas you have only consumed CBD on the face of it.

To prevent this kind of thing from happening and harming your health, you need to be careful to choose the right CBD provider. You need to choose a reliable manufacturer whose test results are easy to verify. This way, you'll know exactly how much THC and CBD are in the products you buy.

Also, for those who question the ability of THC to blush their eyes, be aware that it is actually a blood pressure problem. Indeed, THC and its fatty acid anandamide attach to the same receptor in the body. This causes the blood vessels to dilate, and consequently, a drop in blood pressure. This is how THC sends blood into the eyes, and it becomes red.

However, this THC property may be beneficial in some cases, such as for people with glaucoma. This disease is caused by an increase in blood pressure. It would be enough to consume THC to reverse the process and lead to the recovery of the patient. On the other hand, if you are in perfect health, this compound could only harm you.

How to treat red eyes caused by THC ?

If you have red eyes after smoking hemp or using a cannabis-derived product, you can turn to quality CBD to mitigate this effect. You need to be careful about where your CBD comes from, as it must be devoid of THC to bring you real relief. For example, you can use pure CBD oil, be consumed with your meals, or follow the administration route that suits you best. This will allow you to fight red, swollen and watery eyes effectively.

To remove the negative effects of THC on your eyes, you can opt for the use of quality eye drops. Ask your pharmacist for advice on which product will be most effective in your situation. Also, remember to stay hydrated and eat so-called vasoconstrictor foods. Their particularity is that they help to narrow the blood vessels. In this way, the blood will flow less towards your eyes. These foods include salty foods, caffeine, chocolate, and many more.

As you have seen, CBD is not responsible for the red colour of the eyes when smoking cannabis. This reaction is caused by THC, which is a psychoactive compound. Therefore, using pure CBD as part of the treatment will not give you red eyes in any way. On the contrary, you can use CBD to mitigate the effects of THC, and therefore to remove redness in the eyes.

Does CBD cause any side effects ?

CBD can cause some people to experience side effects that have little impact on their lives. They may suffer from dizziness, lack of appetite, episodes of drowsiness, nausea or diarrhea.

How to avoid the side effects of cannabis ?

To avoid getting high, or getting red eyes from cannabis, simply opt for pure CBD consumption with no trace of THC.

The entire website should be considered as information. We remind you that before consuming cannabidiol products you should consult your doctor to obtain his approval in your specific case.
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