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The benefits of CBD for a golfer

If you are a fan of golf and the green, why not do everything possible to be the best you can. It is very important for a golfer to be able to put all the chances on his side and to do so, you have to find a way to improve your performance while curing the ailments related to the practice of this sport. Cannabidiol or CBD is now the new global trend in golf. More and more golfers are turning to this active and non-psychoactive molecule derived from hemp for better recovery in order to optimize their score. With cannabidiol, you will be able to perfectly condition your mind and body.

What does CBD oil have to do with golf ?

Professional and amateur golfers, like all other athletes, are subject to mental and physical pain. In fact, many pro players consume hemp. Thus, CBD oil, thanks to these many virtues, helps golfers. This oil helps to solve several health problems and to maintain the players in a state of optimal performance. It also allows to be more concentrated on the green. It is in fact CBD that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson use against their pains, since it is approved by the PGA.

How consume CBD

If you're worried about drug testing for THC, you can opt for 100% THC-free crystals. You can consume your crystals in several ways. They can be added to drinks or food or you can put them under your tongue. CBD oil is also designed to be placed under the tongue. Not everyone likes the taste of this oil which is sometimes off-putting or earthy unlike the powdered crystals which have a neutral taste.

CBD can be very useful in the long run for a variety of purposes. However, the effects may not be felt automatically. Thus, to get a faster result, some people vapourize cannabidiol in the form of e-liquid. Nevertheless, vaping also dissipates a bit faster. Sometimes you may feel that these products contain THC because of the slight cannabis taste they may have, but this is not the case.

In addition, topical creams and gels are also ways for golfers to use CBD on a daily basis. CBD creams can be applied in case of pain.

Is cannabis use more common among Canadian golfers

The use of cannabis has become legal in Canada, both for medical and recreational purposes. B.C. Golf conducted a survey on player behaviour towards cannabis. The survey revealed that the majority of golfers under the age of 35 (78% of players) are somewhat uncomfortable with using cannabis to play golf. In contrast, 27% of golfers over the age of 55 are happy to use cannabis on the golf course.

It is important to note that out of seven players, at least one admits that after using cannabis, he intended to go to the golf course. However, it is difficult to rely on these numbers, as they vary by age of the golfers. Half of the players under the age of 35 admitted that they had the idea of smoking cannabis in the middle of a golf game.

Rolling Greens is the golf club where golfers can easily play with cannabis consumption. That said, golfers can afford to consume or smoke cannabis to play. Since these are private clubs, there are no controls.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues of CBD

CBD is known for its many benefits and advantages. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, cannabidiol is involved in pain relief, even if the pain is chronic. CBD, derived from hemp, is a very strong anti-inflammatory. Moreover, it has the property of being holistic. Cannabidiol helps speed up and promote bone and muscle recovery to prevent soreness, injury and pain. Among the most recurrent injuries among golfers is tendonitis. CBD allows you to relieve it in a very effective way.

Cannabidiol also has a calming effect. In fact, not only does it give the person who consumes it a feeling of well-being, but it also allows him to have a better mental recovery. The professional golfers know it, to optimize its endurance and its performances, a recovery of quality is very important.

CBD for healthier bones and joints

The anti-inflammatory virtues of cannabidiol are very beneficial for people who suffer from joint pain on a daily basis, either after or during exercise. Cannabidiol is known for its positive effect on osteoarthritis or arthritis. Moreover, thanks to cannabidiol, it is possible to prevent bone loss.

The CBD for a reinforcement of the concentration by a stimulation of the psychomotor connection

CBD creates a bridge between the body and the mind according to the formula borrowed from Harvard researchers who are specialists in the field. CBD has an impact on the nervous system without affecting the level of consciousness. In fact, we observe the complete opposite. CBD is involved in maintaining concentration at a high level for a long period of time. This is a very important point when you are a golfer.

CBD, a totally natural ally for good sleep and stress reduction

Many people have already attested to the benefits of cannabidiol on sleep. They have declared that since they have been consuming cannabidiol, the quality of their sleep has improved significantly. Indeed, in addition to calming the pains, cannabidiol has particularly soothing virtues for the spirit of the subject who consumes it. It increases general well-being and contributes actively to the reduction of various tensions and stress. Thanks to it, all the negative ideas will disappear and you will be able to fall asleep peacefully and quickly. Moreover, CBD offers you a restful sleep. Consequently, you will be able to wake up the next day in an optimal shape and attack the day in the most beautiful way.

CBD and Professional Golfers

THC is strictly prohibited on professional golf courses. It should be noted that some professional golfers use this substance and more and more players are admitting to having already consumed cannabidiol or signing sponsorship contracts with companies that market cannabidiol derivatives. These players, who used to use ibuprofen to ease their pain and Ambien to get better sleep, have all turned to CBD-derived products to relieve their ailments naturally. Many athletes would consume over-the-counter painkillers but are unaware of the impact they could have on their liver and kidneys. This is a problem that many athletes face, including golfers whether they are amateurs or professionals.

Is it legal to consume cannabidiol on the green

Yes, it is perfectly legal to consume cannabis on the green and not only on the green. In fact, in countries such as the United States and France, and in the European Union, it is totally legal to buy, possess and take cannabidiol. It is a molecule that is not categorized as a drug because it has no psychoactive effects. It is praised by all scientists for all its virtues both for the mind and the body. It was therefore in 2017 that the World Health Organization considered that taking cannabidiol does not pose a health hazard. It also stated that the substance does not cause any risk of overdose or even addiction. This is why the PGA allows the use of cannabidiol.

However, the AMP advises caution when taking cannabidiol

It must be said that there are risks when a professional player consumes protein powder, multivitamins or cannabidiol. Indeed, there is no certainty that all the compounds of the product are listed on the label. As far as CBD is concerned, it is very difficult to obtain a pure CBD oil or extract from the cannabis plant. When buying a product derived from CBD, you must assume that it has been mixed with other cannabinoids.

It is important to know that cannabis is becoming more and more popular in the sports world. However, pro golfers would do well to follow the advice of the PGA and USADA. This would allow them to avoid trouble.

The entire website should be considered as information. We remind you that before consuming cannabidiol products you should consult your doctor to obtain his approval in your specific case.
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