4% CBD oil for cats (Chanvreo)

"Chanvreo - CBD Oil 4% for cats: Natural support for your feline's well-being

Is your pet stressed, showing anxious behavior, or experiencing body aches? Let him enjoy the soothing action of CBD 4% oil for cats, offered by the Chanvreo brand.

4% CBD oil for cats (Chanvreo)

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All you need to know about CBD 4% oil for cats from Chanvreo

Made in France, Chanvreo's 4% CBD oil helps improve your four-legged friend's emotional balance. Cats can become stressed by a changing environment, or even by an unfamiliar noise reaching their ears. By giving him CBD oil, you can help keep him in good physical and mental health. Good to know: Chanvreo's 4% CBD oil is 100% natural and contains no pesticides.

Why give your cat CBD oil ?

Give your cat a real concentrate of well-being by administering CBD oil. Indeed, it too has an endocannabinoid system capable of receiving cannabidiol molecules. CBD's benefits for cats include: Keeping cats fit, mobile and bony, Reducing stress and anxiety levels, Digestive and urinary comfort, Reducing body aches and pains, Improving sleep quality, Improving the overall immune system and anti-inflammatory action. Last but not least, CBD also has virtues against epilepsy.

Administration advice for Chanvreo 4% CBD oil

Chanvreo offers 4% CBD oil for cats with a pipette bottle for easy sublingual administration. However, some less-than-docile felines will never accept this method of administration and are likely to get their claws out. It's up to you to trick them by putting a few drops on top of their kibble or food. In this case, reduce the amount of food to ensure your cat eats the soaked kibble. You can also pour a drop into a small bowl of water, adding a fatty substance so that the molecule is better assimilated by the body (CBD is lipophilic). Once again, keep an eye on your cat to make sure it has drunk from the bowl. Our advice: always start by giving your cat a low dose to observe the effects. You can then increase the dosage slightly, without ever exceeding the maximum recommended amount.

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